Natural rubber membranes with increased parameters

Kauczuk naturalny podwyższone parametry


The membrane is smooth on one side and textured on the other, which reduces friction between the elements and is perfect for veneering with natural veneer. It is characterized by an elongation of 900% and high abrasion resistance, chemical purity and the absence of substances that may cause discoloration of the veneer. The high density of the rubber mass guarantees long life and trouble-free operation of the membrane.

Area of aplication

  • Membrane vacuum presses
  • Veneering with natural veneer
  • Bending of veneers and plywood

Technical data

Thickness, mm: 3
Width, mm: 1400
Working temperature, 24h in max °C: 85
Tensile strenght, MPa: 25
Hardness ShA: 38±5
Elongation at break, %: 900
Abrasion resistance, N / mm: 80
Color: Red
Surface: Smooth/Textured

Product photos