Vacuum thermoformer


The machine is designed for vacuum forming of various elements of thermoplastic plates such as: PP, PET, PS, HIPS, EPS, PLA, PVC, PMMA, KYDEX, etc.

The thermoforming machine works in automatic mode with the possibility of accelerating or slowing down the process during processing. The machine is controlled by a control panel with a PLC touch screen by DELTA. Thanks to PLC control, we are able to define individual times of each cycle of the forming process, which will allow us to repeat the inserts without the use of temperature sensors.

The operation is limited to putting on the material, closing the frame and pressing the START button. The machine uses a 20 m3 vacuum pump. The material is heated by infrared heaters. The main heating takes place through the upper furnace with additional air heating under the formed element. The SSR semiconductor relays are responsible for the operation of the heating system. Movable elements move with the use of pneumatic actuators by Pneumat, on linear guides by Hiwin. Pneumax solenoid valves are responsible for dosing the vacuum and compressed air. The machine is equipped with a thermoplastic release system and a pre-blowing system. The template placement function facilitates the assembly of the form placement. With the help of the reduction frame, we are able to reduce the working area of the machine.

Welded steel structure, powder coated.

Area of application

The thermoforming machine can be used for the production of, among others:

  • blister packs
  • disposable plates and cups
  • catering packaging
  • cosmetics packaging
  • packaging for cream, yoghurt, cheese
  • elements of covers and panels used in the automotive industry


Solid steel welded structure, powder coated.

Technical data

Working area dimension600×410 mm800×600 mm
The dimension of the plate sheet660×470 mm860×660 mm
Working table stroke290 mm290mm
Thermoformed board thicknessod 0,2 do 5 mmDo 0,2 – 5 mm
Power supply for the electric installation400 V400V
Heating powerUpper – 4,8 kWUpper- 12 kW, lower – 2,4 kW
Vacuum pump performance20 m3 oil40 m3 oil
Pressure in the chamberok. 0.95-0,98 kg/cm2ok.0,95-0,98 kg/cm2
Dimensions: width x depth x height1300 x 1400 x 1650 mm1500 x 1600 x 1800 mm
Weight400 kg 600 kg


We provide 1-year warranty on the device. 

Configuration according to customer's wishes

Optionally, the machine can be configured according to the customer’s wishes, e.g .:

  • increasing the dimensions of the working area
  • demonstrative temperature measurement of the dome and material
  • pneumatic clamp of the pressure frame of the plate sheet
  • material cooling
  • mobile control panel
  • adaptation to work with a roll of foil
  • reduction frame narrowing the working area

Product photos