Vacuum pres VPS Special

Prasa próżniowa do formowania wysokich elemntów VPS Special otwarta kopuła


Vacuum press with pneumatically lifted membrane designed for 2D veneering, layered bending on a template as well as thermoplastic molding. Equipped with a heating system that allows you to shorten the gluing time and increase production efficiency. VPS vacuum presses are designed for small and large production plants.

Area of aplication

  • Covering simple and shaped elements with natural veneer (doors, frames, chairs, tables, furniture, coffins)
  • Veneering elements with HPL laminates in 2D format (kitchen worktops, window sills)
  • Ironing of structural surfaces (stone veneer, decorative mats)
  • Production of elements using the sandwich-sandwich method (columns, semicircles, flat surfaces)
  • Wrapping the cockpit elements in the car with leather (dashboard, gear stick, etc.)
  • Forming mineral-acrylic solidSurface plates, e.g. Corian, Staron, Hi-Macs, etc.
    Molding of thermoplastic plastics


  • Solid welded structure, powder coated
  • Equipped with an electronic vacuum control system that allows the pump to operate automatically, and together with a buffer tank, it allows you to save electricity by turning off the pump after reaching the set vacuum value.
  • Electronic heating system with a PID controller with an air mixer in the dome allows you to heat the press up to 80oC
  • Built-in rubber membrane or optionally a silicone membrane
  • Equipped with four pneumatic actuators for lifting the diaphragm with a heating dome
  • Press table top made of HPL board, optional aluminum top
  • Built-in vacuum pump -0,9 bar (9000) kg / m2
  • Built-in buffer tank from 25 to 100 liters
  • Upper heating dome made of aluminum, insulated with mineral wool – optional,

Technical data

Hight closed /open2350mm
Lenght3550 mm
Tabel dimensions3000×1500
Weigt900 kg
Power supply400V
Vacuum pump power1,5 kw.
Vacuum pump performance40 m3 (Busch)
Pressure in the vacuum chamber-0,90/-0,95 bar
9000 kg/m2
Max working area of a flat element2750 x 1250mm
Height of the bent element at the width of 500mm500 mm
3mm silicone membrane860%
Top heating operating temperature40-80 oC

Configuration according to customer's wishes

Optionally, the machine can be configured according to the customer’s wishes, e.g .:

  • aluminum worktop or version with a heated worktop
  • increased maximum operating temperature of the dome
  • installed system for quick cooling of thermoplastic elements through fans in the dome or a version of the machine without a heating dome for unconstrained cooling
  • increased capacity of the vacuum pump
  • controller for automatic operation
  • an overview window of the pressing process with lighting installed in the dome

Convertible to comfort version:

The conversion to the VPS-300 SPECIAL / K model enables independent control of the lifting and lowering of the heating dome (especially useful for bending and forming very tall elements).

Product photos