Since the launch of ‘Artex’ in 2002 many companies have placed their trust in it and decided to enter into cooperation with us in realizing their projects and ideas. Our machines are functional, easy to operate and reliable, which is proved by the following references from our clients.

Our clients’ opinions

Producer of exhibition stands

As the users of TVG-300 HV press we proudly inform that the aforementioned machine made by “Artex” Artur Makiola works as it should. Quick installation as well as professional training enabled launching the production as planned. We undoubtedly recommend the offer and services of “Artex” Artur Makiola.

IN-STORE Spółka z o.o.

Furniture manufacturer

We are honoured that Artex – Artur Makiola, a company residing in Wodzisław Śląski, is a supplier of a vacuum press for our company. Cooperation with Artex proves that the company is truthful, reliable and trustful. It deserves to be recommended as a professional manufacturer of vacuum machines.

Company P.P.U.H. "AS"
Marek Bajdalski

Manufacturer of washbasins and bathtubs

Our company purchased the vacuum press from Artex in 2011. Quick assembly and professional training performed by Artex helped to start production as planned.

Sp. z o.o.

A manufacturer of chairs

“Artex” machines are equipped with genuine functions never seen on the market before. One cannot fail to notice that the company’s products are exceptionally functional. The manufacturer completes the contracted activities at the highest level and in totally innovative and progressive way. The company stands out in the market as it offers its client future-proof solutions that will pay for itself within the lifetime. The knowledge that the manufacturer possesses is impressive. The employees keep improving their competence. We appreciate “Artex” for constant support to its clients when its necessary. We are truly satisfied with the high level of technical aid that the company provides as well as vast knowledge in processing of thermoplastics and wood materials.a

SITAG Formy Siedzenia
Stefaniak Paweł - Production and Technology Director

Manufacturer of tactical holsters

The purchased vacuum press from "Artex" Artur Makiola fully meets our requirements. The machine is made in accordance with the offer and selected for the appropriate size according to our wishes. The device was made on time. The delivery and assembly went smoothly, therefore we recommend "Artex" Artur Makiola as a trusted manufacturer of vacuum presses in Europe.

producent kabur z kydex i skóry
HPE Polska - Grzegorz Szymański

What makes us stand out?

We already have over 500 customers all over Poland and several dozen in European countries. What’s more, companies that have extraordinary ideas and new materials come back to us. In combination with our machines, it allows you to create unusual products. This is indicated by the range of products we offer, most of which have been created for the needs of customers. Moreover, the solutions described below are based on modern technologies. We have comprehensively implemented several hundred machines, as well as participated in various stages of designing devices for selected customers. That is why we are always involved in every project, and our 12-person team is at your disposal.

KMB Trzaska

The customer ordered a 2000 x 1500mm vacuum press from Artex for any Corian forming. Using the elements formed on the Artex vacuum press, the client made a “floating house” out of Corian with the equipment in the form of a floating boat. The project was created in cooperation with the company. The house has an attractive, futuristic design that meets all living requirements. The advantage of the house is its mobility. The owner can change the place of stay at any time.

Brilliant Personal Security GmbH

The client ordered a vacuum press with dimensions of 300 x 400 mm from our company. The machine is used to produce holsters for firearms, melee weapons and walkie-talkies. The holsters are made to fit perfectly. Thanks to their quality and attractive design, they are very popular among buyers. Holsters are made of Kydex – a material that is resistant to extreme weather conditions. In addition, it is resistant to scratches and does not stretch during use. The products can be seen on the website –