VPS Sublimation Vacuum press for sublimation
of graphic

prasa do sublimacji

Press for sublimation

The sublimation press is a membrane press with an aluminum heating table that enables the sublimation of graphics and wood paterns on aluminium. The sublimation thermal transfer press enables the application of durable and weather-resistant graphics on elements containing polyester fibers. It is also possible to apply patterns to metal elements after appropriate preparation. By using an additional upper heating dome, the press becomes universal, because it still allows gluing natural veneer, hot layered bending and forming mineral-acrylic plates – Solid Surface (CORIAN, HI-MACS, STARON, KERROCK, LG and others).

Area of aplication

  • 2D 3D vacuum thermoforming of mineral-acrylic plates (solid surface) – a separate oven is required to heat the solid surface
  • Applying wood-like graphics on aluminum (roller shutters, doors, window frames)
  • Production: sinks, washbasins, bathtubs, window sills, etc.
  • Sublimation of graphics into materials such as: wood, metal, aluminum, solid surface, glass and others.

2D wrapping

  • Covering simple and shaped elements with natural veneer (doors, frames, chairs, tables, furniture, coffins)
  • Veneering elements with HPL laminates in 2D format (kitchen worktops, window sills)
  • Ironing of structural surfaces (stone veneer, decorative mats)
  • Production of elements using the sandwich method (columns, semicircles, flat surfaces)
  • Wrapping the cockpit elements in the car with leather (dashboard, gear stick, etc.)

Construction of sublimation press

  • Solid welded structure with detachable legs, powder coated.
  • Equipped with an electronic vacuum control system, which will allow us to automatically operate the pump with a buffer tank, it allows you to save electricity by turning off the pump after reaching the set vacuum value.
  • Electronic system of the upper heating dome with a PID controller
    2200×1200 anodized aluminum heating table divided into two sectors with independent temperature control up to 200°C
  • Built-in silicone membrane with very high flexibility (elongation 860%)
  • Built-in vacuum pump (25 m3) -0.85 to -0.9 bar (9000) kg / m2
  • Built-in 25 liter buffer tank.
  • The upper heating dome is made of aluminum, insulated with mineral wool.
  • The dome is opened by a gas actuator

Technical data

Worktable dimensions (length x width):2200 х 1200 mm
Silicone rubber membrane 700% temperature max.220 ° C
Heating power of the heating table:2 x 4,5 = 9 KW
Vacuum pump performance:25 m3
Working vacuum, kg/сm2:
– 0,85 do -0,90 bar
Cover level:IP53
Pump power, kW:0,75
Noise level, dB:<70
Voltage, V:3F 400V 50Hz
Dimensions, mm : 
Weight, kg:550


We provide a 1-year warranty on the device!

Configuration according to customer's wishes

Optionally, the machine can be configured according to the customer’s wishes, e.g .:

  • enlarged dimensions of the machine
  • workpiece height
  • 2 or 3 mm thick silicone membrane
  • system of quick change of the frame with the membrane
  • increased capacity of the vacuum pump

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What is Sublimation?
Sublimation is the heat transfer of graphics with the use of transfer paper/film, on which the graphics are printed with a special sublimation ink. Sublimation ink is a dye that combines only with polyester fibers. If the material does not contain polyesters, the element should be covered with a polyester backing before the sublimation process. Under the influence of temperature, the pores in the foundation open and the  pigment sublimes. With this technology you can print every wood pattern on aluminium sheets and profiles.

What are the advantages of sublimating graphics?
One of the biggest advantages of sublimation of graphics is the durability of the print. Another important feature of this method is the economy of graphics, because it is profitable even with small production outlays. Another important feature is very good print quality, and fact that there is possiility to cover aluminium profiles and details with wood patern, which is resistant to uUV and weather conditions.   

What determines the quality of the sublimation performed?
The quality of the sublimation performed depends largely on the quality of the foil or transfer paper. It also depends on the quality of the ink and the type of material on which we want to apply the graphics. It is necessary to select the appropriate sublimation parameters, namely the time and temperature of the process. If the process is too short and the temperature is too low, the print will be faint, and if the temperature is too long or too high, the print will be blurred