Hot-air heating furnance

Piec z termoobiegiem do Solid Surface


The hot-air heating furnace is designed for heating solid surface materials (CORIAN, HI-MACS, STARON, KERROCK, LG and others), which can be formed into any shape after heat treatment.


  • The furnace is made of 50x50xmm profiles, thermally insulated with lime-silicon plates and heat-insulating cardboard.
  • A sliding drawer for loading elements is mounted in the heating chamber.
  • Spiral heaters with the dimensions of fi 200 used in the furnace, connected with a hot air mixer, cause even heating of the element.
  • The heating furnace is protected against overheating of the chamber.
  • The control panel in the front part of the furnace is equipped with a main switch, electronic temperature controller, timer, overcurrent protection of heaters and controls, SSR relays, a lamp signaling the operation of the furnace.
  • Temperature sensor typ. K (cold soldered, quick response to temperature changes)

Technical data

Dimensions of the working table (length x width), mm 2000 х 1000
Max. working temperature 200 °C
Heatting power of heatting furnance, kW: 4 x 2kW=8kW
Tension, V: 3F 400V 50Hz
Dimensions of device, mm :
Weight, kg: 200


We provide a 1-year warranty on the device.

Product photos