Remaining offer

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our remaining offer. You can find here natural rubber membranes and silicone membranes, which are used in vacuum presses to form 2D materials. In addition, Artex’s offer includes a glass laminating membrane, which, thanks to its textured surface, supports air discharge. We also offer a separating film to prevent sticking and also veneering mattresses used in hydraulic presses, a special knife of a sutable design for cutting PVC foil from the fronts, moisture meters and various types of consumables that are used in our machines.


Membrana do laminowania szkła wysokiej twardości


The membrane is a highly flexible material made mainly of silicone or rubber ...

Veneering mattress

Mattress for veneering convex and concave elements. It is designed for veneering ...

Membrana silikonowa

Components for vacuum presses

It is a series of consumable parts that are used in our devices ...

Silicone bag for laminating

The silicone bag is available in two variants with a new gasket shape - U shape ...

Nóż do odcinania folii PCV

Knife for cutting PVC foil

Knife for cutting PVC foil. The special design of the handle and the blade enables very fast ...

teflonowa folia rozdzielająca

Separating film for shelf presses

Mylar release film for plate presses. Teflon separating foil for hydraulic press plates, 1450 mm wide.

urządzenia do pomiaru wilgotności

Tanel Moisture Meters

Professional devices for measuring the humidity of the Polish manufacturer - the Tanel company