Automatic vacuum press
for plastics
e.g. Prepreg

Prasa membranowo-próżniowa do Prepregu


Automatic vacuum press designed for heating and forming plastics, eg Prepreg. It is intended for small and large production plants. The press is fully automatic. It has three operating modes:

Automatic mode:
After entering the working parameters to the PLC controller, the press will automatically perform all activities (heating, pressing, cooling)
Semi-automatic mode (learning mode):
The operator enters the parameters and the program records the machine’s operating characteristics
Manual mode:
The operator will perform all the activities on his own

Area of aplication

  • Prepreg production
  • Thermoforming of plastics based on acrylic, PVC,
  • Veneering elements with HPL laminates in 2D format (kitchen tops, window sills)
  • Ironing of structural surfaces (stone veneer, decorative mats)


  • Robust welded construction
  • Heating system with infrared carbon heaters, max temperature 200 degrees Celsius
  • Eleven adjustable cooking zones
  • Pneumatic actuators for lifting the dome with the diaphragm
  • Access to the loading table from the front and rear
  • Built-in PLC for automatic operation (3 operating modes)
  • Equipped with an electronic vacuum regulator
  • The top of the heating table is made of an aluminum plate
  • Built-in vacuum pump (100 m3) -0.95 bar (9500) kg / m2
  • Built-in 100 liter buffer tank
  • The upper heating dome inside is lined with stainless steel, insulated with mineral wool

Technical data

Table working size, (length x width), mm: 3000х 1500
Heating temperature, ° C max: 200
Heating power of heaters, kW: 50
Pneumatic system demand, bar: 6
Operating mode: manual / automatic / semi-automatic
Pump capacity, m3/h: 100
Vacuum pump power, kW: 2,2
Operating vacuum, kg/сm2 (bar): – 0,95÷ -0,9
Level of security: IP53
Noise level, dB: <70
Voltage, V: 3F 400V 50Hz
Dimensions, mm (length x width x height): 3550 x 1750 x 2630
Weight, kg: 800


We provide one-year warranty on the device.

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