Vacuum pumps

They are the hearts of our devices. We use vacuum pumps from leading manufacturers on the European market. You will find here oil pumps as well as dry pumps for high vacuum, used in our vacuum presses.

Busch's vacuum pumps

Busch dry and oil vacuum pumps

Pompy próżniowe becker

Becker's vacuum pumps

Becker dry and oil vacuum pumps

Dry vacuum pumps.
Our offer includes Becker dry vane vacuum pumps. The element generating the vacuum in the device is a rotor with graphite blades, which, under the influence of centrifugal force, extend to form tight chambers between themselves and the rotor housing. Oil-free vacuum pumps are designed for continuous operation. Dry vacuum pumps are practically maintenance-free, the service only includes cleaning or replacing the air filter and replacing the graphite blades in case of wear. Intermittent oil-free vacuum pumps operating in a humid environment collect moisture inside the rotor chamber and corrosion may form, which is likely to block and break the graphite vanes. To avoid this issue, it is necessary to ventilate the pump after finishing work.

Vacuum oil pumps.
We have Becker and Busch vane oil vacuum pumps, which are most often used in our presses. As in the case of dry pumps, the element generating the vacuum is the impeller with blades, but in this case they work immersed in the oil. Due to the use of oil, it is possible to achieve a higher vacuum as well as a reduced risk of corrosion in the rotor chamber. Vacuum oil pumps are designed for continuous, periodic and short operation. Oil vacuum pumps have an extended service life, however, it is necessary to change the oil, oil filter and oil separator.

Which vacuum pump to choose?
Choosing the right vacuum pump depends mainly on the user’s production profile. If the press is to be used for a very long time in continuous operation, we recommend dry vacuum pumps. However, if it is a small production, one or two shifts, we recommend oil vacuum pumps. The environment in which the pump will work and the vacuum value we want to achieve are also of great importance. If we need a very high pressing force, we also offer oil pumps.

Which vacuum pump capacity should you choose?
The efficiency of the vacuum pump depends on its capacity and it only affects the speed of extracted air and economy. The use of high-performance vacuum pumps for veneering or gluing will be unnecessary and uneconomical. For such operations, the pressing time is not as important as in the case of thermoforming thermoplastic materials, where it is very important to press the material before it has time to cool down. Therefore, the use of a high-performance vacuum pump is ideally suited to such processes.