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We are family company with extensive experience in the production of vacuum devices and more. We produce mechines for our clients, but also share the necessary knowledge with them. Below is a video showing the possibilities of vacuum presses produced by Artex. Thanks to the large working surface and high-power devices, our membrane presses can handle many types of materials in almost unlimited shapes and it’s restricted only by the the human’s imagination. We specialize in construction of vacuum units produced according to individual orders submitted by clients.




The advantage of vacuum machines over the traditional ones is the membrane, which cover the processed material and adjusts to its shape, this minimize the number of necessary forms. Thanks to this, the production process is faster, and thus – more efficient and cheaper. Our offer also includes professional furnaces for heating plastics to prepare them for forming process. To learn more about the materials and machines that we produce, check our devices and remaining offer tabs. Do you have a non-standard product or an unconventional idea? Visit the contact tab and tell us about your project.


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IN-STORE Spółka z o.o.

As the users of TVG-300 HV press we proudly inform that the aforementioned machine made by “Artex” Artur Makiola works as it should. Quick installation as well as professional training enabled launching the production as planned. We undoubtedly recommend the offer and services of “Artex” Artur Makiola.

producent kabur z kydex i skóry
HPE Polska - Grzegorz Szymański

The ‘Artex’ vacuum press fully meets our expectations. The machine was manufactured in accordance with the offer and matched to our order in terms of dimensions. The manufacturer also met the deadline. The delivery and mounting went smoothly and without difficulties. We strongly recommend ‘Artex’ Artur Makiola as a trusted manufacturer of vacuum presses in Europe.