Vacuum presses

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our devices. Here you will find vacuum presses for veneering with natural veneer or for bending plywood and other wood-like materials. Presses with a built-in furnace for forming composites such as prepreg or for forming plastics after pre-heating with our furnaces, such as mineral-acrylic plates – Solid surface, Kydex or PET felt. We also have a vacuum press for sublimation of graphics, as well as foiling the fronts with PVC foil. Our devices are ideal for small and large enterprises.

Prasa próżniowa membranowa z serii VPS-300

Vacuum press VPS 300

The area of application is mainly veneering, bending, forming and gluing elements of various materials up to 40 cm high. They are perfect for the production of furniture, doors, coffins ...

Prasa próżniowa z piecem do Solid Surface

TVG vacuum forming press Solid Surface

A device equipped with a furnace and a silicone membrane enables the formation of mineral-acrylic plates known as Solid Surface. The wide range of colors of this material allows you to make furniture in an exclusive style ...

Prasa próżniowa do formowania Solid Surface TVG Special

TVG Special vacuum press for Solid Surface

A semi-automatic device, equipped with a furnace and a silicone membrane, enables the formation of high elements from mineral-acrylic plates and more ...

Prasa próżniowa do formowania wysokich elemntów VPS Special otwarta kopuła

Vacuum press VPS Special

The area of application is veneering, bending, forming and gluing tall elements. They are perfect for the production of furniture, doors, coffins, playgrounds ...

Prasa próżniowa do fornirowania i gięcia wysokich elementów

Vacuum press VPS Special Big-size

Our largest press. The area of application is mainly veneering, bending, forming and gluing high elements. They are perfect for the production of furniture, doors, coffins, playgrounds ...

prasa do sublimacji

Vacuum press VP-Sublimation

A device for sublimating graphics using warm transfer. The press is equipped with a heating aluminum worktop, activates the ink, transferring it to any surface. The machine is used in many areas ...

Prasa membranowo-próżniowa do Prepregu

Automatic vacuum press for Prepreg

The automatic press enables the formation of materials saturated with resins. Used in the production of fiberglass composite elements such as sports equipment, fan blades, airplane wings ...

Prasa próżniowa do foliowania PCV

Vacuum press VPF 2

Semi-automatic press designed for 3D foiling with PVC foil of kitchen fronts, doors and other elements. Can also work with veneers, after installing the membrane ...

prasa próżniowa kydex

Vacuum press for plastics, eg Kydex

Easy-to-use, two-station device for forming holsters, covers and ornaments with materials such as: Kydex, leather, veneer ...

Prasa próżniowa do wkładek ortopedycznych

Vacuum press for orthopedic insoles

A two-station and easy-to-use device for forming orthopedic insoles and the production of leather footwear insoles.

Prasa membranowo-próżniowa do wkładek

Vacuum press Mini Podo for shoe inserts

Single-station, easy-to-use vacuum press for the formation of orthopedic insoles and the production of leather footwear insoles.

What is a Membrane Vacuum Press?

Undoubtedly, it is a universal device equipped with a vacuum pump, whose task is to create a vacuum, and a diaphragm, so elastic rubber. A silicone or rubber elastomer replaces one of the forms and most often the external one, otherwise known as negative. The use of the vacuum phenomenon additionally supports the gluing processes, due to the pumping of air also from the glue and between the glued elements, as a result of which the occurrence of air bubbles is reduced. Our vacuum presses are equipped with hot-air heaters, and their task is to shorten the gluing time, resulting in increased production efficiency by up to 80% compared to gluing and forming without using temperature.

Vacuum press and work with wood-based materials.

Initially, vacuum presses were used for forming and gluing wood-based materials such as flexible plywood, wood, HDF, fibreboard, etc. The membrane press allows for quick, accurate and easy veneering of flat and curved elements, e.g. frame bands, stair steps, skirting boards. Certainly, facilitating the veneer veneer process is a great advantage of vacuum presses, but not the only, undoubtedly, other useful function is forming. Using a membrane press, we are able to shape wood-based materials, thanks to which it is possible to make many useful products such as backrests, chairs, all kinds of sports boards, decorative elements, etc.

Can a vacuum press work with plastics?

Over time, new synthetic materials are created, for the treatment of which membrane presses or thermoforming machines can also be used. Plastics, which can be successfully formed using vacuum membrane presses is Kydex – this material is used to make holsters or scabbards for  weapons intended for security and military services. Mineral and acrylic boards called Solid Surface are a very interesting material. It can be shaped after heating up and they have a color resembling expensive natural stones such as sandstone, marble, granite. They can be used to make kitchen furniture, window sills, lamps, decorations, reception counters, etc. Another material worth attention is PET felt material made from recycled PET bottles. Due to the content of polyesters, it is possible to form it, therefore it can be used to make decorative wall panels, ceilings, lampshades and many other functional and nice products. What’s more, polyester felt is also characterized by very good acoustic and insulating properties. Prepreg, i.e. ready-made fiberglass and epoxy resin plasters used in the production of durable body parts and sports equipment.

What is the difference between a thermoformer and a vacuum membrane press?

The vacuum membrane press and the thermoforming machine work on a very similar principle, they both need to create a negative pressure to work, however in the press the working element is the membrane, while in the thermoforming machine the working element is our material that we want to shape. Thermoforming machines are devices used in many industries, from the production of decorations, advertising, to the medical and food industry. Materials that can be successfully formed on thermoforming machines are plastic raw materials after heating, such as PET, PP, PE, ABS, PVC, etc. They can be used to make many useful products such as containers, packaging, decorations, orthodontic inserts and many others.