Heating devices


These are furnaces for heating mineral-acrylic plates, otherwise known as Solid Surface (ie Corian, Staron, KRION, HI-MACS). They are also perfect for other thermoformable materials such as: PVC, ABS, Kydex, polycarbonates and other similar materials. First, the material is heated in the furnace to the plasticity temperature in accordance with its technical data. Then, on a previously prepared template, it is subjected to the action of a vacuum press and a membrane. The material is formed into the planned shape with a membrane. After cooling, the product retains its shape and hardens. The shaping possibilities are practically endless. Heating devices are used in the production of unconventional furniture, kitchen and bathroom materials such as washbasins, lamps, reception desks, counters and countertops. The devices are equipped with wheels, as a result of which loading between the press and the furnace is facilitated.

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Two-sided heating furnace

The two-sided heating furnace for heating the solid surface transmits temperature by conduction. The material is annealed faster than in the case of thermo-circulation due to direct contact with two heating planes. Anodized worktops prevent the material from sticking ...

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One-sided heating furnace

One-sided heating furnace for heating a solid surface. It transmits temperature by conduction and penetration. The material is heated a bit slower than in the case of a double-sided furnace, but the undoubted advantage is the possibility of material regeneration.

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Hot-air heating furnace

The fan-assisted drawer heating furnace heats the material by means of warm air evenly distributed by means of fans. The advantages of the device are the large capacity of the drawer and the ability to regenerate materials.