Pneumatic shelf press

Prasa pneumatyczna półkowa

The presented PP-100 pneumatic press is a model that is a well-thought-out balance between functionality and dimensions. The product was created for customers who are looking for a machine with the largest possible range of possibilities. With the use of the PP-100 pneumatic press, it is possible to successfully implement such processes as: stamping, forming, pressing. Equipped with Pneumax pneumatic actuators, which generate a pressure of 1700 kg and is regulated by a reducer with a pressure gauge. It has two independent tables. The lower table top with a place for mounting the form No. I (die) does the work, while the upper one is only intended for mounting the form No. II (punch).

Area of aplication

The device is designed for every branch of industry, in production processes where high pressure is needed. The shelf press is designed to work with all kinds of materials, and is best suited for working with:

Technical data

Welded steel structure, powder coated.

Working area dimension 600×1200 mm
Working table stroke 600 mm
Power supply for the electric installation 230 V
The pressure force over the surface of the entire table 1700 kg
Dimensions: width x depth x height 1730x1000x1928 mm
Weight 700 kg

Product photos