Two-sided heatting furnance

Urządzenia grzejne


The device is intended for solid surface heating (CORIAN, HI-MACS, STARON, KERROCK, LG and others), it can be formed into any shape.

Area of aplication

  • Covering simple and shaped elements with natural veneer (doors, frames, chairs, tables, furniture, coffins)
  • Veneering elements with HPL laminates in 2D format (kitchen worktops, window sills)
  • Ironing of structural surfaces (stone veneer, decorative mats)
  • Production of elements using the sandwich method (columns, semicircles, flat surfaces)
  • Wrapping the cockpit elements in the car with leather (dashboard, gear stick, etc.)


The standard size of the furnace table is 2000×1000, it can also be in the 3000×1000 or 1000×1000 dimensions. The furnace structure, made of powder coated profiles, may be available with wheels. The heating element is made of anodized aluminum plates, flat micanite heaters, thermal insulation plates and the automatic heating plate expansion system.

In this version of the machine, we have two independent heating shelves for the upper and lower heating zones. The heating shelf, depending on its size, has independent control for each heater, which prevents underheating, i.e. cracking, during the formation of the element.

Double-sided heating significantly speeds up the heating process of the elements. The upper heating shelf is pneumatically lifted and controlled from the control panel. The pneumatic system is protected against sudden short or long-term failure of compressed air or electric power supply. As a result, the upper shelf will not drop automatically.

Technical data

PG-2000X1000-2S PG-1000X1000-2S
Dimensions of the working table (length x width), mm: 2000 х 1000 1000 х 1000
Maximum oven temperature 200 °C 200 °C
Heating capacity of the heating furnace, kW: 2 x 8=16 kW 2 x 4=8 kW
Compressed air value, Bar 6 Bar 6 Bar
Tension, V: 3F 400V 50Hz 3F 400V 50Hz
Device dimensions, mm :
Weight, kg: 500 300


We provide 1 year warranty for the device.