We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. You can find here vacuum presses as stand-alone machines or as complex devices with an integrated furnace. In vacuum presses used to form 2D materials, a silicone or rubber membrane is used. In addition, the offer of the company Artex includes a thermoformer, which thanks to its design takes up little space and fully fulfills its task. We also offer heating devices, vacuum pumps, and vacuum systems adapted to work with vacuum sleeves. On our devices it is possible to work with such materials as: wood and wood-based materials, plastics, resins, kydex, carbon fibers, PET-felt, mineral-acrylic plate known more widely as “solid surface” or “corian”. If you have not found the product you are looking for in our offer, contact our customer service department to jointly consult the possibilities for your business.

Prasa próżniowa do formowania Solid Surface TVG Special

Vacuum presses

They are available as stand-alone machines or as a complex device with a built-in furnace ...

Termoformierka próżniowa


A device for forming materials such as PET, PP, PE, ABS, PVC and others

Urządzenia grzejne

Heatting devices

They are perfect for thermoforming materials such as Solid Surface ...

Prasa pneumatyczna półkowa

Pneumatic shelf press

Pneumatic shelf press is designed for forming solid surface and other materials

Vacuum pumps

Dry and oil vacuum pumps from leading manufacturers Becker and Busch

system próżniowy do pracy z rękawem

Vacuum systems and sleeves

Vacuum system with sleeves for working with long workpieces