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Who we are?

Since 2002, we have been producing vacuum presses, the use and functions of which have almost unlimited possibilities. Each of the vacuum presses we produce is made to individual customer orders, which makes them ideally suited to the needs and characteristics of the business. In addition, we produce machines that are easy to use, failure-free and functional. Their simple use also makes them suitable for small, beginner companies as well as large, specialized enterprises. Moreover, the variety of models enables the production of technologically complex target products. We cooperate intensively with the furniture, medical and construction industries, and ultimately the use of vacuum machines is limited only by the possibilities of human imagination. Currently, Artex is looking for new technological solutions that will additionally enable or facilitate the creation of a unique design.


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Vacuum press for glass lamination
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Vacuum press

A vacuum press can be either a single unit or be a part of more complex machinery with an in-built oven. The vacuum press frame consists of a silicone or rubber membrane which applies pressure to an object placed on the table. Vacuum presses are designed to form 2D materials: woodwork, soft plywood, hdf, kydex, abs, pcv, polycarbonate, Solid Surface materials.

Heating devices

Heating devices are undoubtedly perfect for heating thermoformed materials such as Solid Surface (eg Corian, Staron, HI-MACS, KRION), PVC, ABS, Kydex, polycarbonates. Whenever the material is heated to a temperature of approx. 200 ° C, it becomes plastic, which allows it to be formed. Then it is transferred to a previously prepared template, where it is subjected to the operation of a vacuum press. Then, after cooling down, the material obtains the previously planned shape.


Membranes are used in vacuum presses as a flexible and strong material, by means of which the elements are pressed against each other with an even force. Therefore, they are perfect for forming 2D and 3D curvilinear elements. We have silicone with an extensibility of approx. 800% with a working temperature of 220 ° C, as well as rubber with an extensibility of 600% and a working temperature up to 120 ° C. Hence, our membranes are ideal for working with materials such as: solid surface, natural veneer, wooden veneer, flexible plywood, pet felt, etc.


These are service components used in our devices. You can find here gaskets, gas springs, locks as well as actuators, heaters, filters and other useful elements used in vacuum presses.

Our client’s opinions

As the users of TVG-300 HV press we proudly inform that the aforementioned machine made by “Artex” Artur Makiola works as it should. Quick installation as well as professional training enabled launching the production as planned. We undoubtedly recommend the offer and services of “Artex” Artur Makiola

IN-STORE Spółka z o.o.

The machine purchased from the "Artex" company is equipped with original functions, unheard of on the market, because the contractor performs activities in the highest degree innovative and progressive. The company successfully dedicates future-oriented solutions to its customers, which undoubtedly stands out in its industry. What's more, the company's employees constantly develop their competences. The company should certainly be appreciated for providing the necessary support to its customers when needed. My satisfaction was increased by the high level of technical assistance and knowledge in the field of thermoplastic materials and wood processing.

SITAG Formy Siedzenia
Stefaniak Paweł - Production and Technology Director

Case Study

KMB Trzaska

A client ordered from our company a vacuum press to form Corian 2000x1500mm. Out of the formed elements produced with the use of “Artex” vacuum press the client created a Corian boat-shaped floating house and the necessary equipment to furnish it. The project came into existence in cooperation with The house has an eye-catching, futuristic design and is fully equipped to be dwelled. The biggest advantage of the house is its mobility. The owner has a possibility to change its address at any time.